keep doing right things….

Be like the lotus flower, no matter how challenging is the environment, it spread its fragrance and non of mud water can attach on the leaves.

Be like the lotus flower, no matter how challenging is the environment, it spread fragrance and non of mud water can attach on its leaves. Photo courtesy from Sis Li Yi.

Living in society, people are expecting you are doing the same thing as others.

When you are doing something difference from norm or normal practice, you might listen to so much opinions and comments.

Some of us, we are so worried that people will question, comment, condemn, give negative feedback, as such we don’t dare to make a change even though we are doubtful on certain things.

I heard a story from one of my teacher that, one of her student only boiled soup with small amount of water, She was wonder and asked her student, “Why not put more water as the soup is not enough for everyone?” The student said: “This is the recipe from my mother. I must follow.”. Then, teacher said, ” Please check with your mum any reason behind.”

The student got home and checked with her mum, to her surprise that her mum learned from her grandmother and not sure what is the reason behind. She just follow the same recipe. Luckily, for their family as the grandma still alive, they can check out the truth.

The answer from the grandma was previously they were poor and they used a small pot to boil soup, as such, she can’t put in a lot water. What a great misunderstand if we follow blindly!

If you are doubtful and you don’t ask any questions, you’ll never learn new stuffs and also new way to improve your life and others.

Some of the people might even laugh and give discourage energy…

when they know that you are vegetarian…

“Why are you let go good food?”, ” so weird of you”….” You seriously don’t know how to enjoy life!” “Life is short, why torture yourself?”

When they know you are working as a volunteer during holiday,

“Why not take a break to enjoy yourself?” They are too many people, we can’t help everyone..” Why not let others do..”

When they know you are following precepts…

“Why not give freedom to yourself?” “Why are you restricting your happiness?” “Why are you allowing others to take advantage of you?” “Why are you following precepts as most of the people also not following, you are going to lose out in your life?”

when they know you are giving donation and help…

“Why are you so kind to others?” “Why not give your money to me?” “Why not pamper and enjoy yourself?” “Why you should you give as many are too stingy?”…

Think about it.. If we are continuously listen to others, follow as what other’s say, to get confirmation and security from others, you might lost yourself and also not having a chance to do kind virtues.

Whenever people ask  “why”, think deep on the answer and let ourself be the change agent irrelevant whether others are doing the same or not. We don’t need to get confirmation and acknowledgement from others to verify our kindness and compassion. Keep doing the RIGHT Things!

Always remember you can make a difference, don’t underestimate your potential.


















11 responses to “keep doing right things….

  1. Very good reminders, thank you.
    Your teacher shared a helpful story about the soup. Funny, too. With a little mindfulness, we will notice more and ask our own questions. That way we can even learn from our habits, or those of our ancestors.
    With a little heartfulness, we can see that when society questions our choices they are expressing love and curiosity.

  2. Excellent. I heard a similar story of a young wife cutting off both ends of her roast before cooking. When her groom asked her she gave a similar answer that her mother did it that way. When she asked her mother why she cut both ends of the roast before cooking she replied “To fit my roasting pan.” 😀 The Apostle Paul said the congregation in Berea was more noble because they searched the Scripture to see if what they heard was true (Acts 17:11). Never stop questioning. Always answer to Truth (John 14:6).

  3. Makes no sense. Why should people discourage you from being kind and compassionate? Don’t listen to them. You are probably the person they have failed to be

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