you should?

Be gratitude, even you see a little flower! You are  going to enjoy a happy life!

Be gratitude, even you see a little flower! You are going to enjoy a happy life!Photo courtesy from sis Li Yi

Do you set expectation to others?

Have you ever assume that your mother’s role is to do cooking, to care about you, to clean your laundry, to clean your room and others?

How about your father? to earn good income to support your family?

How about your brothers and sisters? They must also love and care about you?

How about your friends? They must always talk to you?

How about your children? They must always follow your instruction? They must be excelling in their study? They must live base on your expectation?

Have you ever think “Why do you put an “invisible frame” in your thinking?”

Where do you get this type of thinking pattern?

Why are you always assuming “You should”?

What is the negative impact of “You should”?

Always put high expectation from others, hard to be gratitude, always complain and never satisfy with others, never ever say “thank you” from the bottom of your heart, always in anger and frustrations ….

It’s hard to be happy and enjoy the freedom of life as you are carrying the heavy burden of “you should”…

Why not remove the “you should” symptom? You can live happily and freely.

Always remember that “Nothing is you deserved”, “Nothing is other should do for you…”

Be gratitude and humble!

“No gesture is too small when done with gratitude.” By Oprah



3 responses to “you should?

  1. “Should” is a thought pattern worthy of challenge since it is a product of needing to control things.

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