The answer is within you…

Only you can walk the path, nobody can walk the path on behalf of you….

Only you can walk the path, nobody can walk the path on behalf of you….

Are you facing any trouble in life?

Whether big, medium or small… it’s all depend on how you define the trouble…

Nobody can define the trouble you are facing better than you, YOURSELF.

How do you handle your trouble?

To resolve your trouble, to escape, to runaway, to get angry, to be depress, to self blame, to blame others, to look at it positively or negatively, to reject it…..

No matter what method you are using, the most important the method must be benefit to yourself and also others. Besides, after you apply the method, your mind must be more peaceful and calm than before.

Some of us, we love to share our “trouble” with others, we hope to get solution to resolve our trouble from others, we hope to listen the advise from others, we hope to get helping hand from others…..

However, just recall some of life experience how do you resolve your trouble in life…

Are you listen to other’s advise? You might ..listen to whatever advise which is inline with your thinking…

Are you using the solution from others? You might too… where the solution is similar with your solutions…

What do you need from others?

Ask yourself sincerely.. You need an audience who confirm your thinking and solutions. Acknowledgement and Security!

Next time, whenever people approached you to give advise, be a GOOD LISTENER. This is what they want the most. Before, they approached you, they have “ANSWER” in mind.

Whatever “Advise” you are giving might not work, just be silence and let them talk and express their feeling, borrow your ears and no need to use your mouth. See, we have 2 ears and 1 mouth.. that’s the reason, perhaps! However, some of us love to continue talking about their advise instead of “LISTENING”…

“The art of communication lies in listening.” By Malcolm Forbes



Always remember you’ve the ANSWER of your trouble, you can resolve it. All troubles you are facing is the best nutrition for spiritual practice.

You are going to be a better person and you can see how powerful you are in transforming all troubles.


“The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches: you are the goal, you are the answer.It’s never outside.”

by Eckhart Tolle




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