Let's bring fragrance and beautify the environment like this lovely flowers! photo courtesy from bro CW

Let’s bring fragrance and beautify the environment like this lovely flowers! Be silence if you can’t share something positive with others! Photo courtesy from bro CW

How often do you spend time with your friends to chit-chat?

What is the topic of discussions?

Is it positive or negative?
Is it on mundane?

Is it on latest fashion? Latest gadget? Gossip? Show off your wealth? show off your belonging? Talking about other’s life? Career? new property? new car? sickness? old stories… those day?

What can you learn from the time spend?

If the words you are saying not going to bring happiness and benefit others, we better remain silence.

What is the meaning of joining your friends to condemn, to complain and to gossip?
It’s meaningless to hang out and bring negative energy home.

Next round, if your friends are keep focus on the “Junk” and negative topics, do your best to share something positive which can benefit to all beings.

Time is precious and spend on meaningful and benefit stuffs instead of sit there to create negative energy to surrounding!

“Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.”

By Buddha

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