wrong assumption…

In life, a lot of time, we might think we are right, we are always doing right thing in our own opinion.

Some of us even think, “I know, its simple”

If you know or you aware and yet you don’t practice, how to improve in life? What’s the point of knowing without doing anything?

Whatever you know, might not be the truth, this might based on your perception, experience and opinion.

We must be always open ourselves to learn new thing in life.

It was truly amazing that a melon was on a tree! So cute!

It was truly amazing that a melon was on a tree! It bring happiness to whoever pass by our house.

Today, We’ve harvested another organic melon at home. In my previous blog, I did mention that it was the new species of Hairy Melon. This was based on the assumption and perception as the seed sprout at the same time. I thought it was the seed from organic hairy melon which I brought back from overseas.

However, I am wrong in judgment.

What is it???

What is it??? So round!!!

It was a lovely organic winter melon. Weight about 2.3 kg with 8 inches height. Amazing!

Look at the lovely organic winter melon! We are blessed!

Look at the lovely organic winter melon! We are blessed! Thank you to nature!

Just unbelievable that the lovely organic winter melon adapt itself to grow on a tree. Normally, winter melon is growing on ground. It can overcome the challenging environment and bear fruit. We respect it strong surviving spirit!

The lesson I can learn, Change yourself not the environment! Always look inward for changes, your adaptability, your endurance, your surviving skill and not straightaway  look outward to change others.

Besides, don’t make comment based on your own assumption. Always look for the truth before you open your mouth!

Our family are truly happy as we got organic hairy melon and also organic winter melon. How blessed we are! Especially, in such a hot and hazy weather, to have a bowl of organic winter melon and longan dessert. We feel the coolness in our whole body system.

We are really grateful to our lovely tree for giving good shed and a place to stay with both melons.

Let’s learn from the tree, be harmony and peace with others.

Thanks to nature for the beautiful lesson in life!




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