broaden your angle of life…

Look at him….

Look at him….

One day, I saw Little Black was literally laying and drinking water.

To me, he is so lazy and not even sat properly to drink water.

When, I shown the photo to my friend, in her opinion that Little Black was so intelligent as he knew how to enjoy and relax himself when drinking water.

How about you?

What are your ideas on this photo?

Even though, we are using the same photo yet many versions of stories.

This is based on your perception and experience in life.

As such, please broaden your horizon when look at things in life.

Don’t limit your angle to yourself only. Think about others and don’t base on your own perception or experience in life.

Recently, I went to join for the multi-religion prayer session for MH17. It’s great to see people from all different background and religion come together to do the prayer and pay respect, give support  to the family members and motivate each other’s.

What a great synergy!

Even though, there are differences from each one of us yet this is not the reason to separate mankind.

Respect, understanding and give your unconditional love to all beings.

Let’s cultivate and build a peaceful and harmony world together!




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