first time…

Yesterday, I saw this little creature moving nearby my lovely money plant pot on my table.

I am shocked and this is my first time to meet up with this little creature.

How about you? Do you familiar with this little creature?


How do you react when you see this little creature at your money plant pot?

How do you react when you see this little creature?


Look closely...

Look closely…

How do you feel now?

Do you feel itchiness on your skin?

Do you admire its beauty?

Do you love him?

Do you think its look a bit “Unique”?

Do you want to make friend with him?

When I look at the 4 toothbrush -like tufts along the back, and also hairs around its body, I am a bit fearful on its look.

Based on my perception, it might be toxin and causing itchiness, I am aware that “fear” was in my thought and it started to create “story”.

I calm myself with mindful breathing and use my rational thinking that all beings are equal and they are just like us, the only different is their form.

Let’s give them our unconditional love, non- judgment and compassion.

No matter how it looks, accept it as living beings; I’ve saved and to release him back to nature.

I found out from internet that it’s the caterpillar for Rusty Tussock Moth.

Thanks to the little caterpillar for teaching a life lessons, “Don’t judge based on appearance and outlook, give unconditional love to all beings and most important use our rational thinking, not to be affected by our thoughts”

“A day spent judging another is a painful day. A day spent judging yourself is a painful day.”

By Buddha






16 responses to “first time…

  1. It looks like the larvae of a White marked Tussock Moth and if so it eats the leaves of trees. Oak, Birch, Willow, Cherry, Apple. You need to release it in a tree it can feed on. Never seen one, it is lovely 🙂

  2. I still react to any little bug in the home. My first reaction is to kill it, but I never do. I just let it walk on my counter. I am probably causing major bug infestations to my home, but these little insects, moths, and so on are potential Buddhas like ourselves!

    Great post!

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