make a wish…

Last night,  Little Black, our little cat is playing in the garden happily. He was alone and enjoy his happy time.

According to my parent that they heard a strong “meowing” in the midnight and Little Black was running for life as he has been chased by the big fat cat. Luckily, he was safe as he can run like a leopard.

However, he was in fear and frightening.

After a while, Little White, our elder cat was home and he was so busy to check in the garden for more than 10 round to ensure the big black cat was out from the territory.

Mum was so touched for his action as he shown how loving and caring  in order to protect his younger brother. Mum even mentioned to us, some of us as a human also not behave as loving as Little White. He is giving his unconditional love to the no blood relationship, little brother.

How nice if we can learn from Little White, always ready to give unconditional love to others…This action can help to reduce a lot of suffering in our life and others life. We can enjoy a peaceful and harmony world.

This morning, we went to garden with Little Black, he was so down and sat quietly.

Always think about our action, are we bringing happiness or suffering to others?

Always think about our action, are we bringing happiness or suffering to others?

To our surprise, the little squirrel came to visit Little Black, he wanted to play with him. Normally, Little Black will play and chase him. Today, Little Black just sat quietly and look at his friend, he seem like saying, “Little squirrel, I being bullied by the big black cat. I can’t play with you.”

The little squirrel never give up, he constantly came and hang around with Little Black to show his support to him.

Even though, they are in difference form, they can be good friend too.

Even though, they are in difference form, they can be good friend too. Can you live harmony with others?

We are so touched that both squirrel and cat can be the good friend. They are motivating each other.How about us? Are you always ready to give your helping hand?

We always claim that we are more intelligent than other brings. However, are we using our intelligence to develop wholesome or unwholesome action?

Ask yourself?

You might aware on the latest tragedy, the MH17 Crash in Ukraine.

You can give best blessing to all victims and also your unconditional love and helping hand to their family members.

Yesterday, We join for a chanting to transfer merit to all victims in MH17 crash.

We are living in this beautiful world, we are always here to support and love each others!

Let’s join our effort to make a wish:

“May all beings be well and happy!”




13 responses to “make a wish…

  1. Beautifully touching. Thank you so much for sharing. The love of animals is so unconditional. I am going through some difficult times right now. My littlest dog has started to bring me treats when I am crying. I am talking about treats he burrows only God knows where, of which I have no knowledge he has been hoarding. The other day he came and sat down next to me and dropped a ritz cracker. Really? I haven’t had ritz crackers in the house in months!! He thought my upset was so important to mend that he was willing to give me an obviously prized treat. Amazing. As an aside, i only pretended to eat it!!! His tail wouldn’t stop wagging though.

  2. It is compassionate to chant for those who died in the crash and for their families. It is profound to chant for those who caused it, that they may awaken and realize their own Buddha natures, causing no more pain and suffering to others. The Buddha challenges us to see through all dualistic paradigms and realize we are all one being- there is no difference between Big Black and Little Black, Squirrel and Little White, Russian soldier or innocent passenger at the deeper levels of reality. Our compassion for all beings that they may realize the truth is the vehicle which carries us towards enlightenment. May all be well with you, WG

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