be with nature…

When is your last time to get closer with nature?

When is your last time to take a walk in nature?

When is your last time to play with animal friends?

When I get home after working, I love to spend time in my garden and say hello to all my lovely plants.

The plants are looking difference in every single day.

In the garden, you can see clearly on the Birth, aging, sick and death! You can understand well on impermanence of life, you can understand on cause and effect…. You can learn and observe so much “truth” in the garden.

Besides, its great time to relax and enjoy the greenery after a long working day.

What a wonderful moment in life!

Recently, a little dragonfly in garden is playing games with me.

How beautiful he is!

How beautiful he is!

Lovely dragonfly friend...

Whenever I walked closely to him, he’ll fly to another side. Once I walked to the other side, he’ll fly away. He has been doing this action for sometimes. What a cute beings!

No matter, how stress, how upset, how depress, how angry you are, all this negative energy just wash away by spending time in nature and with our lovely animal friends.

You are back to your true nature!

You can regain your energy after a mindful walk in garden.

Take a nature walk after your long working day instead of immediately sit on the sofa and watching TV program, play with your smart phone, non-stop of texting, non-stop online…

All this activity will drain your energy and make you more tired.

Be with nature, enjoy the beauty of life!






7 responses to “be with nature…

  1. Sometimes after a hard day at work, I think I’m going to go take a nap, but instead I am drawn outside to my back yard, where I just putter around looking and smelling, maybe doing a bit of cleaning up. it gives me so much energy to do this. Good energy. Thanks for the reminder. Nature heals.

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