happy breathe…

The secret of happiness is FREEDOM. Free yourself, let go your burden.  Enjoy a happy life!

The secret of happiness is FREEDOM. Free yourself, let go your burden. Enjoy a happy life!

Do you love snails?

They are lovely creatures; they are carrying a big shell at their back.

Whenever I look at the “big Shell”, it reminded me on the “burden” in life.

Once you carry heavy burden, you are going to restrict yourself from enjoying the freedom in life.

You are being tied up yourself with so much commitment in life, you are not even can breathe freely.

All this commitment might not be your need; it’s your “WANT”.

Think about it,

Heavy housing mortgage?

Huge car loan?

Huge personal loan?

Credit card debt?

In the name of “WANT”, you are living in future; your future dream, you are not actually living at “NOW”.

In order to pay back to all your commitment, you need to work day and night, your priority might be focus on “earning a living”, you might even live in stress, worry and fearful if you are jobless, how to settle your debt? How to live your life?

Is it the meaning of life?

Is it worth it?

Why not spend some time to check out your belonging at home?

Just categorize your belonging based on “need” & “want”?

Then, you can calculate your ratio.

I read one of the interesting book, after the author experienced the death moment in life, then only he realized that his need is so less… His need is only 10% of all his belonging.

It made him to understand that how he spent his life in the past, working day and night to pursuit material wealth, he only spend less than 10% of his time with his family, friends, meaningful charity act in life, e.g to help others.

He felt like he is actually not “living” at all, he has wasted his life on the “WANTED” belonging. As such, he transformed himself.

Why not be awaken now instead of we must experience “tragic or disaster moment”?

Why must we go through suffering in life then only we learn?

Drop your baggage, enjoy the freedom of life. Breathe the fresh air and enjoy the unconditional happiness in life.

Life is beautiful! Live a life with total freedom!

Enjoy the relaxing and happy breathe in and out!

Nothing is more important than this simple act.


15 responses to “happy breathe…

  1. Love it. You can paint them glow in the dark paint so that at night people wont step on them. I read thag from somewhere that many snails are being crushed every night well not intentionally but because people just dont notice them. 😀

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