cat bully…

According to our neighbor, our lovely cat, Little White has been wandering in our neighborhood for sometimes before we move in the current house.

He enjoyed his freedom in life. He seeks to help from us as he can’t look for sufficient food to sustain his life.

As such, we don’t restrain his freedom, he can go wherever he wants, and he can come home anytime too… He is free like a bird. Even though, we give so much freedom, Little White still hang around in neighborhood, always nearby our house, he comes home on time too.

We can say that he had a great life, good food, good place to stay, good brotherhood with Little Black, a loving family….

Sometimes, life is not as good as we see….

Little White is always being bullied by a big Black cat in the neighborhood. Even though, both of them are from the same neighborhood yet the big Black Cat love to bully and attack him.
It’s might be related to territory; however the big Black cat also attacks Little White even in our garden.

Look at the cat’s world, a cat also has good or bad thought.
As such, we must be mindful and also aware on our thought, eradicated all bad thoughts and cultivate all good thoughts which can benefits to all beings.

Every time, whenever Little White being bullied or defeated by the Big Fat Cat, he was so depressed, sad…

Look at him…

After being bullied, Little White will himself up like a "ball"...

After being bullied, Little White will close up himself like a “ball”…

Look at his eyes, how sad and depressed he is….

Look at his eyes, how sad and depressed he is…. he got slight wound in his leg caused by Big Black cat.

Always remember not to cause any suffering to others… Look at the expression from Little White..

How could we think of harming others?

Mum even heard that Little White was crying in his dream last night. How miserable!

Never ever cause misery in other’s life!

Every time, when Little White is going out from our house, we’ll remind him, “Good boy,  be careful! Watch out for big black cat. If he is attacking you, please run back home.”

We are glad to see the moral support given by his little brother, Little Black, he is always standby with Little White. How close is their bonding!

“It is necessary to help others, not only in our prayers, but in our daily lives. If we find we cannot help others, the least we can do is to desist from harming them.”

By Dalai Lama





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