unconditional love…

Little brother, please don't hang out at night. Home is the best and safest place!

Little brother, please don’t hang out at night. Home is the best and safest place!

Recently, Little black love to hang out in garden for the whole night.

Sometimes, he never get home until the next morning.

We guess he is spending his time to look for anything to “catch” in the garden.

Whenever Little White, our elder cat, got home in the night and he didn’t see his little brother at home, he’ll look for Little Black and bring him home.

Sometimes, if Little White can’t bring his little brother home, he’ll say in “meow” and share with my mum even in midnight.

We are so touch with Little White’s kind virtues, he’ll do his best to take care of his little brother.

"I love to play with my loving brother." Little Black

“I love to play with my loving brother.” Little Black

Besides, when Little black is playing in garden, Little White will hang out there to play and to protect his little brother from the attack of other.

A cat also know how to give unconditional love and care to his little brother, moreover no blood relationship between them.

How about us?

Are you giving your unconditional love to all beings?

Are you practicing selfless or selfish?

Are you only give your love to “my” family, friends, pets…..?

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.”

By Dalai Lama XIV





11 responses to “unconditional love…

  1. I always love to hear about the adventures of your “Little” cats. My cat Pebbles comes from an abused background which means they are less able to live in harmony with their fellow cat Helix.

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