Giant organic hairy melon…

Today, it is a happy day for our family, we’ve harvested our giant organic hairy melon.

It was quite challenging to pluck the giant organic hairy melon as it growth on the tree.

We need to use stairs and worked as a team to harvest it. It was great and happy moment to work together with family members.

We underestimate the weight of hairy melon, we thought it’s about 2 kg, as such, I can’t hold it well and it dropped on the floor.

Some "injury" in its surface. The skin is so thick!

Some “injury” in its surface. Luckily, the skin is thick enough!

We’ve weighted the giant melon, amazingly heavy weight, 2.9 kg and length is 15 cm.

WOW! Giant size!

WOW! Giant size!

Look at the size!!!

Look at the size!!! Amazingly, it growth up from a pot….

This is the first time for our family members to see such a giant  organic melon.

It reminded us, to sow good seed and continuously watering until it growth well.

Let’s our kind virtues shine out to the surrounding!

Nothing can come effortless, you want to reap the good fruit, you need to put great effort to take care of it, watering, compost and put in new organic soil.

Most important, you need to share your great love with the plant, give your compliment, everyday, say positive words to the plant.

This apply the same in our daily life, say good words, give compliments to people. It’s so simple, yet you can bring positive energy to your surrounding.

How wonderful!

“Nothing worth while comes easy. Hard work just makes you appreciate it more.”

Constance O’Day-Flannery








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