little man…

Everyday, when I reach home after working. Most of the time, our Little Black is at home and give a warm welcome. It’s truly happy to see the little boy after long journey, heavy traffic and also a full working day.

Then, Mum will share on the story of Little Black at home, how he behave, how clever he is, how adorable he is…

When mum talked about Little Black, she really treat him like her Little boy. Our family treat both Little cats as little Man at home.

We are very much gratitude to this 2 little Man for accompany our parent when we are not around. They bring so much joy and happiness to them. How lovely they are!

Sometimes, Little Black will ask for cracker.He know what he want. How intelligent!

Sometimes, Little Black will ask for cracker.He know where and what he want. How intelligent!

We can get along so well and harmonize, we understand and love each other!

There is no barrier due to different form, language, habit, appearance, apply the universal language ; LOVE!

Today, I heard from my friend that his mum lost her cat 2 weeks ago.

His mum was quarreled with one of her tenant, the next morning, the tenant moved out, the cage was opened and the cat was missing. They suspected that the tenant dumped the cat.

If this is truth, how horrible is the unwholesome thought! No matter, how angry you are, Not to release your temper and HARM other beings.

Not to harm others in the name of revenge!

The tenant bring disaster to the cat’s life and hurting the old lady’s heart as she loved the cat so much.

When you are in anger, don’t react and don’t open your mouth.

Be silence and cool down!

Always give your unconditional love to all beings!







4 responses to “little man…

  1. Anger blinds the soul to its rational aspect so that it acts like a drunk person, no wisdom comes to drunkards.

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