How do you make a decision before you purchase a book?

Are you focusing on the cover design?

Are you focusing on the paper quality?

Are you focusing on the content?

Some of us, we love to judge people based on their look and also “packaging”, how beautiful and how handsome is the people?

We make up our mind on “like” or “dislike” based on people’s look and also belonging.

Is it the ultimate criteria?

We are aware that we need to go through the process of aging, no matter how good is your look… there is impossible for you to sustain it forever. Besides, your “packaging” might be changed along the way.

Your content, kind virtues, generosity, compassion, loving-kindness, humble, calm, peace, friendly will never faded in your aging process. Moreover, it will be out shine along the journey and light up other’s life. Your best buddy in life!

Do take time and give priority to cultivate and develop your “content” instead of spend all your time to take care of your look. Know how to differentiate the most crucial things in your life.

Think about it!

Giant butterfly, so beautiful!

Giant butterfly, so beautiful! Do you aware there is virus in this beautiful butterfly?

Recently, I met up with a giant butterfly, it look great and truly beautiful!

Even though, it looks awesome, but under its wing contains virus herpes. Once you accidentally touched it, it caused itchiness and redness to your skin.

It gives a great reminder that don’t judge a people based on appearance.



2 responses to “beautiful..

  1. You are right to encourage others to invest in what is lasting. Jesus said not to spend all our time, effort and resources on things that will decay or treasures that can rust or be stolen. But seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you. I often tell others when they are fussing about not being perfect about my mother’s friend Ruthie. Ruthie’s house, with her 4 adopted kids, was always a mess but whenever I came to visit she would drop everything and made me feel like the most important person in her life. I loved being with Ruthie. She is someone I wanted to be like because of how special she made me feel when I was with her.

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