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Face reality, don't runaway and live in illusion world. See the truth! Photo courtesy from sis Li Yi

Face reality, don’t runaway and live in illusion world. See the truth! Photo courtesy from sis Li Yi

When we are facing challenging situation in life, how do you react?

Are you going to runaway? to escape? fear to face the reality?

Some of us, the first in our mind is to protect ourselves and to escape from the situation.

We are so fearful to face and accept  the reality, we rather live in illusion world.

This is the easier way out, we just don’t want to face the reality in life.

What are consequences?

You are able to escape for once, yet you can’t escape for life.

If you don’t face the reality, there is impossible for you to solve the root of problem.

The problem will be back again and again…

Are you willing to face the same situation again and again?

It’s so similar to our sickness, if you are only cure for surface and not root of the symptom, the same sickness will happen again and again.

Besides, if you are escape from the challenges, always think about others? Am I affecting others? Am I causing suffering to others? Am I hurting others?

Always ask yourself, “Why am I escape?” Why am I live in illusion world? Why am I so fearful to accept reality?

Imagine, in the working life, if you are escape from your responsibility, what will happen to the company? Can your team achieve goal? Are you hinder the progress of the company? Are you giving challenging task to your colleagues?

Before you take any action in life, always think about self benefit and benefit others. If you alone enjoy the benefits, never take action to do.

“When faced with any difficulty of life, resolve it by following these four steps: face it, accept it, deal with it, and then let it go.

By Master Sheng Yen








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