Know other's priority, let's build our relationship like the blossom of flowers!

Know other’s priority, let’s build our relationship like the blossom of flowers! Photo Courtesy from sis Coco

Sometimes, we might face challenges in dealing with human relationship.

We might create conflict, misunderstanding, hatred with others unconsciously.

Think about the below:

Husband might think why his wife keep nagging once he reach home?

Wife might think why her husband is not caring on family matters and never pay attention on what is saying?

What is the children expectation once their father home?

Is the father spend time to play with his children or doing his personal stuffs?

How about the grand parent? They wish their son will talk to them.

Difference people has difference priority in life.

You can also do a survey, check around on other’s priority in life…

Some might say, “Family”, “Children”, “Career”, “Health”, “Good Food”,“Relaxing life”, “Spiritual practice”, “Working”,”Friends”, “Wealth”, “Power”, “Fame”……

What is important to you not mean what is important for others.

As such, do your best to understand priority of others before you start to grumble and complain others.

Once you understand priority of others, you can manage human relationship well and in harmony.



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