richest people…

When you are contended, you can the ray of happiness, peace, joy, stillness...

When you are contended, you can enjoy the ray of happiness, peace, joy, stillness… You are the richest people in the world! Photo courtesy from sis LY.

There is an interesting question always been asked by others, ” Are you RICH?”

The definition of rich is so subjective, some might say,

They must have USD$$$ amount in bank? how many houses? How much shares they are holding? How many properties they own?

Most of us, we keen to link “Rich” with Quantitative measurement.

Think about it, How rich you are is all depend on how contended you are.

If you are not contended, you’ll spend your whole life to chase for “quantitative result”. Nothing can satisfy your desires… you just want MORE! Not your need, but your WANT!

It’s so similar to our mouth, some of us just wanted to keep eating even though our stomach is full. Our greed drive us crazy to react in such a way.

When you strike and win USD$ 1,000, you might keep thinking how to spend, you are trying your best to think about the shopping list… The list is getting longer,  your want suddenly keep increasing… The amount to fulfill the shopping list might even more than USD$1,000.00.

Do you enjoy peacefulness, calm and stillness?

You can’t as all your energy, your mind being used to think about your WANT to spend the money.

When you don’t have the money, your mind is in peace and calm.

What is disturbing your peace? Your want, your GREED!

There is a profound saying, “When you want nothing, you are the richest people in the world.”








8 responses to “richest people…

  1. This is very true, and I have seen it myself. Years ago I helped manage financial reporting for some very rich people. I was amazed how sad and hungry these wealthy people were with all their millions. Only when one had a small heart attack did his friend start to lighten up a little. Let’s not wait, friends.

  2. The richest people have meaning in their lives, which comes from caring for something. Those that pursue money, power and fame quickly realise that there is no happiness in those things of itself, they make the mistake of pursuing more of the same, never finding what they had been really looking for – meaning.

  3. Richness of life can come from other things like wisdom, knowledge, hope, love and happiness not just money. Trust me, if you are only searching for material objects to make you happy then all your happinesses will be shortlived and wanting. If your happiness extends to other peoples happiness then you are the richest person around. Thank for a wonderful post

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