Be aware on your thoughts, it can prevent you to take unwholesome action...

Be aware on your thoughts, it can prevent you to take unwholesome action…Photo courtesy from bro CW

One of most common question that people love to ask what are differences you experience in life after you start the journey of spiritual practice.

One of the obvious changes is I am aware on my thoughts, even though in daily practice, keep reminding to eradicating unwholesome thoughts: greed, anger, delusion, doubt, ego in our daily life. However, in reality, all this thoughts are coming up to mind when we are facing situation.

The best improvement is quick awareness on thoughts before take action based on unwholesome thoughts which will bring negative impact to our own life and also other’s life.

Have you experience the below situation:

When you are going for lunch or dinner, you might order the food more than what you supposed to have. We can’t finish at all but we just wanted so much….

When you are going to do shopping, you are easily to buy extra stuffs that you don’t need at all….

When you are going to do fashion shopping, you are easily to buy one more new dress, shirts, one pair of new shoes….

When you know the sales on, you are urgently to rush to the shop and grab the sales items irrelevant you need or not…

When you know about buy 1 free 1, buy second items at 50% discount, buy up to $$$ and get something free… even though you don’t need the second items, you still buy as you can enjoy the discount… Is it truth?

Think about it, you might never use the extra items or the free gifts you get… What’s for to have more? Why are you taking such decision?

You action might be influenced by your “greed” without your realization.

Be mindful on your thoughts, once the unwholesome thoughts come up during challenges in life, just get rid of it, and then you are going to take right action.







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  1. Jesus, in the Gospel of Matthew in the Sermon on the Mount pointed out that we fill our time with worry and preoccupations that are empty and unfulfilling while God invites us to trust in Him to meet our needs. He said “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.”

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