Beautiful tissue flowers…

Some of us, we are keen to doubt on our capability?

Whenever, people ask us to try on new thing, some of us might response,

“I don’t know how to do.”

“This is not my strength.. ”

“I can’t do it.”

” I am a slow learner…”

“I don’t have time…”

“I can’t learn new things…”

People tend  to give ton of excuses instead of trying to do new things. People are always self-doubt and underestimate own potential. People might even look down on own self.

Why not treat everyday a new day, a new LEARNING day to improve your life, bring happiness and joy to others.

Today, I’ve learned a new skill to make tissue flowers from internet, this is my first trial.

Check out the result…

How beautiful!

How beautiful!

Why am I learning? My objective is simple, I want to share the joy and happiness with others.

When they look at the tissue flowers, they are SMILING.

How beautiful is the SMILING faces!

This is the most precious moment in life, to see SMILING faces from others and also enjoy happiness moment together.

When you want to learn something in order to bring benefit to others and yourself, for sure, you are able to master it.

Believe in yourself! Be confident to walk the first step!



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