fertile soil…

This morning, I walked over to my neighbor garden, this was what I seen.

Majority of the plants died off...

Majority of the plants died off…

Initially, all plants grown well with the fertilizer, all looked strong and healthy.

However, we knew it might be temporary as they never do any treatment to the soil. The soil is infertile and great challenge for water to get through. It’s hard for plant to absorb any water.

It reminded us on the spiritual practice, no matter how much teaching we’ve listened, how much book we’ve read, how much talk or classes we’ve attended, how many retreat we’ve participated, if you yourself refuse to make changes in your life, you’ll never transform.

All this teaching just like the fertilizer, you can keep putting on, if you don’t change the texture of the soil,  good seeds will never get a chance to grow well.

First step to start the spiritual journey, purification on yourself. Only you can start to reduce your anger, greed, ignorant, jealousy, ego, pride, doubt, judgement…..

If You yourself refuse to make any changes, nothing can be happening.

“There is a story of a woman who invoked the name of the Buddha hundreds of times a day without ever touching the essence of a Buddha. After practicing for ten years, she was still full of anger and irritation. Her neighbor noticed this, and one day while she was practicing the invoking the name of Buddha, he knocked on her door and shouted, “Mrs. Ly, open the door!” She was so annoyed to be disturbed, she struck her bell very hard so that her neighbor would hear that she was chanting and would stop disturbing her. But he kept calling, “Mrs. Ly, Mrs. Ly, Mrs. Ly, I need to speak with you.”

She became furious , threw her bell down on the ground, and stomped to the door, shouting, ” Can’t you see I’m invoking the name of Buddha? Why are you bothering me now?

Her neighbor replied, “I only called your name twelve times, and look at how angry you have become. Imagine how angry the Buddha must be after you have been calling his name for ten years.”

from “Living Buddha and Living Christ. by Thich Nhat Hanh”

Don’t practice the form, practice the essence of teaching.

Remember to purify yourself, to get ready a fertile soil in your heart, which can help the good seeds to grow beautifully!

Once the good soil is ready, all plants can grow  beautifully.

Once the good soil is ready, all plants can grow beautifully.





8 responses to “fertile soil…

  1. Thank you for a great post. Blind faith can be damaging if we ignore the people around us. Without connecting with people, how can we expect to connect with God? God lives in the soul of every living thing on this planet so, in our search for enlightenment we cannot ignore the beauty of the other souls on the planet. Every part of the universe bears God’s signature. Then why do we blindly pray and chant for him when really he is right here? He wishes us to find him through finding others. He acts through others. Thanks again for a beautiful post and lovely story

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