Taste good?

Is it tasty?

Is it tasty?

When you look at the photo, do you know the taste of the noodle?

Yummy? Delicious? Lousy? Taste awful?

Is the cooking style suitable for you?

Is it what you want to eat?

You might have a lot questions in your mind, yet you can’t give exact answer unless you taste the noodle.

Difference people has difference preference.

You know the best what is suitable for you. Others only can share their opinion and perception to you.

No matter how nice or how lousy are the remarks, this is nothing to do with you unless you taste it.

This apply the same in spiritual practice.

No matter, how many questions you are asking, no matter how much teaching giving by teacher, no matter how many book you’ve read, If you don’t walk your path, you can’t experience any transformation in life.

“As the old zen saying, the finger-pointing the moon not the moon” Although someone points to the moon to show us the truth of its luminosity, the finger-pointing is not the moon itself.

You need to eat the noodle, then only you know the taste!

It’s so simple yet many of us still thinking whether should we walk the path?

What are we waiting?

Contemplate about it!






6 responses to “Taste good?

  1. Another lovely post. I’ve heard that saying – focus on the moon not the finger pointing at the moon. I think it is trying to tell us to look beyond, really beyond, and not get distracted by the things immediately before us. The glory is in those things that can be seen beyond. It is a beautiful saying.

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