cooking with loving kindness…

Let's share your loving kindness with others through your cooking!

Let’s share your loving kindness with others through your cooking! Let’s bring happiness and joy to others by your cooking…

Do you love cooking?

How do you cook your meal for your family members?

You are happily to cook with loving-kindness and put in all your love and positive energy.

You are enjoying and passion on your cooking.

You are eagerly to share your food with your family.

What do you want from doing this?

Most important is to bring happiness to others through your cooking.

When you see the smiles and satisfaction from your family members, you are truly blessed and you forgot all your tiredness in preparing the food.

Your family members get good nutrition from food and most important they feel love and positive too.

Imagine, if we can prepare food to others like mother to children, how much love and positive energy we can bring to others.

Do you experience that sometimes when we are back from outside lunch or dinner, we feel so tired and easily to get annoy?

It might be related to the positive or negative energy from the Chef who preparing the food to us.

Is he or she Happy? Angry? Sad? Depress? Peace? Joy? Stress? Positive? Tension?

According to Masaru Emoto is a Japanese author and entrepreneur, who claims that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

The water molecule will change to different shape; all depend on our positive and negative energy.

Think about it, our body consists of about 60% of water, how much implication that you are going to bring to yourself and also others?

As such, be happy, peace, joy when you are preparing your food, to spread positive or negative energy is all depend on you.

“The happiness you feel is in direct proportion to the love you give.” By unknown

A simple act, yet powerful!

4 responses to “cooking with loving kindness…

  1. So true!

    I once met a beautiful girl and her partner cooking delicious pancakes at Portobello market in London. I asked her what they put in the pancakes.. her answer was “lots of love!”. I never forgot the way she smiled as she said that..

    here is a beautiful video on Masaru Emoto for you to enjoy.

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