Let's your kind words like the beautiful flowers, to brighten other's life! Photo courtesy from bro CW.

Let’s your kind words like the beautiful flowers, to brighten other’s life! Photo courtesy from bro CW.

Have you ever observe how do you talk to others?

Your tone? Your manner? Your words? Your attitude? Your gesture? Your smile?

Sometimes, even the simple sentences being said by someone, it might be misled or misunderstood, it’s all depend on how do we communicate. In a conversation, we must always take care of other’s feeling; think before we open our mouth.

Even though, we want to share some points for other’s to improve their life, we must also use the skill of communication and what is the most effective way to communicate. Different people have different character. Some might able to accept easily, some might be stubborn, some might even love to give excuses, some might try to escape, some might love to blame, some might be in defend mode, some might reject….. As such, we must use the art of communication in order to reach to our objective to advise and to enhance other’s life.

Imagine if we are using wrong method of communication, we are unable to help others and also causing negative emotions. In this case, we are bringing suffering and others might distance themselves from us. As such, please be mindful on your communication skill; use kind words, use positive words, use motivational words, use happy tone and also not forgetting to SMILE.

Live up the environment with positive energy.

Words are like Sword that can kill, as such be mindful on our word. Any injury or wound in your body can be healing after some time but the words hurt people for life.

Be wise!

10 responses to “words…

  1. Thanks for the reminder. Several years ago I realized I wasn’t as skillful as I would like. I’ve tried NVC also called Compassionate Communication. It took me awhile to practice and now I see how wonderful it can be. Words can help build beautiful connections and help others to open their hearts.

  2. I love this post. Words can be powerful for the right and wrong reasons. Truth is, if we use our words in the right way, we can express anything without ever fearing we will hurt anybody. Words should be said allowing the other person space to reflect and think. As ever your words are super-powerful. Thanks for such an insightful post

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