natural healing…

Our lovely LW & LB know how to look for herb in the garden when they are not feeling well..

Our lovely LW & LB know how to look for herb in the garden when they are not feeling well..

Some of us, we think we can control our body.

Is it truth?

Think about it.

Do you experience headache?

Is your body notifying you in advance before headache?

Can you instruct your body to stop headache immediately?

You can’t unless you take a fast remedy, you take painkiller.

Even though the pain-killer can immediately reduce your pain but in a long run, it’ll never bring a good impact and cause side effect to your body.

Have you ever observed how animals (not farm animals) cure themselves?

They’ll take rest, look for herbs, drink more water, reduce food taking and allow the body to do natural healing.

How about us?

Are we allow our body to do natural healing?

Some of us might be too anxious to get speed recovery  for flu, cough, fever or other illness, perhaps in one hour, half a day or one day.. We can’t endure any discomfort.

In actual fact, our body immune system is so powerful to protect and get us recover from illness. However, if we misuse antibiotic, pill, drug, medicine, it’ll gradually collapse our immune system. You might be easily to get sick in future.

Always remember that the reason you are getting sick is not because of yesterday or today’s lifestyle. Most probably, it cause by our long-term diet plan, exercise and others reasons. As such, when you are sick, don’t straight away jump to antibiotic, allow your body to do the healing. It might take slightly longer but there is no side effect. It’s worth a try!

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.

Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food.”

By Hippocrates



4 responses to “natural healing…

  1. Thank you for this great post. I wish we could take more ownership of our minds and bodies. I am a firm believer in self medication and this post reflects this wonderfully. All of life’s answers lie within nature – both our own nature and the world around us. We should look carefully at what we put into our bodies, as poor inputs inevitably lead to poor outputs. Thanks again

  2. Profound words by wise Hippocrates. What you say is so true we certainly do not control our body. In fact we do not control anything and the sooner we realize this truth the happier we will be. For this we just need to let go and be in flow with nature.
    Many thanks and regards 🙂

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