cause & effect…

How beautiful is the blossom flowers! All started from a seed.. Photo courtesy by bro CW

How beautiful is the blossom flowers! All started from a seed.. Photo courtesy by bro CW

How do people judge success in this material and consumerism world?

Wealth- To own a lot of cash, shares,  properties, gold bar, cars which never can be enough and satisfy one’s want…

Power and fame-To keep climb the corporate ladder, to gain influential in politics power, to gain power and fame in order to get wealth …..

In order to get fast money to accumulative wealth, some people might even conduct unwholesome action, to cheat, corrupt, to receive bribery , to liar, dishonest, they don’t bother about moral, consciences, principle, precepts, good values, what they want is only WEALTH & POWER!

They enjoy so much on their wealth and they are doing so well at the moment even though they conduct unwholesome action.

As such, some of the people might be doubtful on the cause & effect. Is it right? Why are they enjoy good life?This is totally different from the cause & effect.

A simple experiment, if you start reading a book from the middle, can you understand what is happening in past and future? You can’t.

This apply the same as what you are seeing. None of us can run away from the cause & effect. It’s just like a shadow which follow you all the time. You can’t escape at all!

Always remember that once you plant any seeds in garden, when the conditions are ripen, it’ll grow one day!

My lovely mum shared a truth story, she mentioned that many years ago, some of her colleagues, they cheated and stolen products from company. They earned a lot of money and became so wealthy. Their action was not discovered by the company.

However, they spend all the money they gain from their unwholesome action on medical fees before they passed away. One of them, got stroke and paralyze for eight years before passed away.

As such, Mum continuous to share with us to be honest and conduct wholesome action since young. We are grateful for her to plant the good seeds to us since young.

“Take away the cause, and the effect ceases.” by Miguel de Cervantes






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