Do you spend time with your pets?

Do you play with your pets?

One of the best moments in life is to play with the cute little beings.

They are so pure, so sincere, so truthful, so honest, never cover up with mask, there are many lessons in life that we can learn from this little cute friends.






How do you feel when you look at the photos?

Our lovely friends, Little Black & Little White..They are playing happily!

Are you happy?

Are you smiling?

Are you paying full attention when you are looking at the photos?

When you are mindful, you are going to forget all your trouble and disturbances in life.

Actually, you are at here and now.

You feel relax, freedom and ease of life! You feel the light heart!

When you are facing challenges of life, always remember our little cute friends are always there for us, play with them, talk to them and love them always!

Our cute little friends will always treat us the same whether we are up or down, success of failure, rich or poor…. They’ll never differentiate us based on wealth, power, status, race, religion, gender and others.

They are simple. When you love and care about them, they can sense and understand, they love you dearly!

This is a great lesson for us, treat all beings equally, not be differentiated or judge them by external factor.

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”

By Mother Teresa

Spread your unconditionally great love to all beings! Always bring happiness and joy to wherever you go!

Make this as your mission of life!











8 responses to “judgement?

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  2. Absolutely adorable photos!! And yes, animals definitely keep us “here and now”, grateful for all our love and care. Your cats are very beautiful!

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