Lessons from honey bees (III)


Look at the beautiful hives, the honey bees spent 2 days to build it, only about an inches plus..How much effort need to put in to build hives! 


Look closely to Hexagonal wax cells! We might not able to make this with our hand. All beings are unique, Let’s respect and love each other!

How do you feel when you look at the bee hives?

My family spent a lot time to look and amazed with the magnificent craftsmanship of our bee friends. This is our first time to look at the bee hives in zero distance. It was truly beautiful, piece of act and intelligent design.

What a creative little beings!

I am truly amazed on how great is their team work, how great is their discipline, how powerful is their communication, how harmony they are in order to build the bee hives.

How wonderful if we can also learn from our bee friends, work together with others, be harmony, peace and joy toward achievement of common goal.

Some of us, we might be so focus on personal interest and forget about working in a team to achieve the common goal. As such, some of the decision-making will totally ignore the other’s benefits. Transcend ourselves from selfish to selfless. Always think about common interest!

A great reminder that we can’t live alone in an island, and we can’t be a solitary  island too. As such, please help each others and let’s build a pure land together.

She is trying to wake up her friends… What I can do was to remind her that all her friends died, left them and live a life.

She is trying to wake up her friends… What I can do was to remind her that all her friends died, left and let’s go them and live a life. Go to the nature!

I am so touched when I looked at the scene; it’s just like the bee that was alive trying her best to wake up those dead friends. They are so diligent and never give up doing the same action again and again. It’s similar to our behavior. Sometimes, when our family and close friends passed away, we might do the same action also. We can’t accept the reality!

One of the important lesson is to understand impermanence. It shown clearly by our bee friends, I saw them alive and flying happily in the morning, When I got home in the evening, I saw dead body. Contemplate about impermanence, accept anything happen with an open heart.

My gratitude to honey bees for sharing such an important lesson in life. Open your heart, empty your thoughts, always be mindful, let’s every beings be our teacher.








11 responses to “Lessons from honey bees (III)

  1. We share the need to live in groups and cooperate within teams to achieve a shared purpose just like bees. The fact is that if bees didn’t work together they wouldn’t be able to build such beautiful homes and make honey. Innately we filled with compassion and kindness just like them. We now just need to take a leaf out of the bee’s books and stay that way. Stay humble, work hard and stand together

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