Lessons from honey bees (II)

Many worker bees lost their life in building the hives…

Many worker bees lost their life in building the hives…

Last night, when I am home after work, I checked out the room, still full of honey bees and also quite a number of dead bees.

I would like to check out the truth, why are they in the room and not leaving?

I spent time, stood mindfully to observe what is going on in the room and the bee’s movement.

Finally, I saw them keep flying nearby my wardrobe; I walked over and open the door, this is what I saw:

Amazing craftsmanship!

Amazing craftsmanship! I am speechless on the beauty of nature!

Amazing beautiful honey bees hive and a group of honey bees inside there to warm up their body to turn the honey  which store in their abdomen to wax in order to build the wax cells to store, honey, pollen and larvae. They are working hard to build a new home.

I am happy that they feel safe to stay in our house; however, it’s not the ideal place to build a bee’s hive in wardrobe.

We had a family discussion on how to solve the honey bees challenges. We are compassion to see many worker bees lost their life in building the small hive and their effort being wasted as we decided to invite them out from wardrobe. We need to use our wisdom in handling this issue as we can’t live with a bees colony which might consist of 60,000 bees. We don’t  have any intention to harm them and also we hope to reduce the risk of harming ourselves too. To save their life and our life too.

Finally, The best way to invite them out  is burning incense, honey bees dislikes smoke. We open up all windows allow them to be out.

After an hour, almost all of honey bees out from the room, left behind a few of honey bees still flying around the room, I did my best to rescue them out from the room, pick up the dead body, and clean up the room.

Lessons learned…

  1. We must always stay cool and be mindful when we are facing challenges in life. Not to panic and always look for the root of problem. Settle the root of problem, instead of just settle the surface. If I delay the discovery of the bees hives, it’ll bring much challenges to solve the issue.
  2. When we are making decision, kindly use our wisdom instead of only based on compassion. Don’t be driven by your emotional.
  3. Be appreciated and grateful to all things you are enjoying, it’s a great contribution and effort from others. Nothing comes easy. When I looked at the large number of dead worker bees on the floor, they were drops dead from exhaustion. They sacrifice their life in building the bee hives. What a great contribution! Be gratitude to all our ancestors for leaving behind such a beautiful world! Let’s sustain it for next generation.

“I believe if we human beings keep our self-confidence and determination and use wisdom properly, I think we have the ability to overcome problems.”

By Tenzin Gyatso






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