Lessons from honey bees (I)

Do you love honey bees?

Have you ever heard the noise from bees?

Have you ever being surrounded by a group of honey bees?

How’s your response?

Happy? Calm? Stress? Worry? Tension? Fear? Escape?

Yesterday, during my morning meditation, I heard the noise from bees.

Normally, during meditation, we are aware about outside noise but not to react on it, not to bring the noise as thoughts in our mind.

However, I was slightly worry that the bees might sting, so I opened my eyes and look around. To my surprise, they are many honey bees in my room and they are flying happily.

Immediately, I recall the teaching that no matter what happen just be relax and practice loving kindness, I went back to my practice. Focus on my breath and totally let go the bees, let go the bees might sting, let’s go everything…

After I completed the meditation and chanting, there is nothing happen. The honey bees flying happily and none of them bite or sting on me.

When I came home after working, I notice that none of the bees in the room.

However, this morning, the group of honey bees came again.

What can I offer to them?

To give loving-kindness and best blessing to them, wish them not to reborn in three lower realm.

Look at the honey bees….

Look at the honey bees….

This incident also acts as a reminder that we must always remain peace and calm, not being influenced by your thoughts. Think about it, the bees might lose their life if they sting on us. All beings love their life so dearly.

Besides, animals can sense our loving-kindness and compassion to them, when you don’t have any intention to harm them, they will come closer to you. Take a try!

“Be kind whenever possible, It is always possible.”

By Dalai Lama


6 responses to “Lessons from honey bees (I)

  1. So beautiful that you practice loving kindness. The honeybees thank you. It appears that the bees are in search of a new home. Perhaps their previous home has been destroyed or became too small if the hive population has increased recently. If they have decided to take up residency, the hive will likely continue to increase (especially if it is during their honey flow season and the queen is still present among them). If someone is available who can handle them without bringing harm to them, the hive (once they form a swarm or select a new location) can be carefully relocated. (And yes, the bees have much to teach us!) Wishing you all the best, Renate

    • Thanks for sharing! So true! They are looking for a new house, I’ll continue the writing later..May you be well and happy! Cheers!

  2. I love bees in the garden. If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. You go about your business and they theirs. Once a year they come and make a hive in my front tree. The Wisteria attracts them. When their work is finished the hive moves on. I love it.

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