Decision …

Have faith in your decision… Keep walking!

Have faith in your decision… Keep walking!

Sometimes, when you are determined to do something and people surrounding you, giving a lot of discouragement and negative feedback, what are you going to do?

Be discourage?

Be disappointment?

Be demoralized?

Or you continue to pursuit your plan with confident?

Some of us, our decision might be easily to be influenced by surrounding.

We are so care about what others saying.

We can’t use our rational thinking and right view to make a right decision.

Sometime, we might be so indecisive, as such prolong the decision-making and make everything “jam” or “stuck” or “delay”.

Think about the consequences if we delay our decision-making.

Are you going to cause suffering to others life?

Are you going to bring inconvenience to others life?

Whatever comments from others, we can take it as reference whether good or bad. Don’t be discouraged if there is any negative comment. We can improve ourselves from the negative comments.

When your decision-making is using right view and right understanding, you can continue to pursuit your plan as what you are going to do will benefit to all beings inclusive yourself.

“Once you’ve made your decision, don’t look back. Make it work.”

by Frank Sonnenberg






10 responses to “Decision …

  1. It’s so true that we like to be liked. Having that as a guiding force doesn’t always serve us, or others. Let’s be ourselves and offer our true uniqueness.

  2. I’ve nominated YOU for a Liebster Award! Please see my site for the details. I really do enjoy reading your blog posts and always look forward to seeing what you have to say — and I think that makes you worthy of this blogging award!

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