seeing the truth…

Always use your rational thinking and apply your right view in your daily life.

What is in your mind now? Always use your rational thinking and apply your right view in your daily life. Photo courtesy from sis ST.

How do you feel when you look at the good food?

Have you ever spend time to observe  the changes in your mind?

Most of us, our thought will automatically move to “I want to eat.”, “it’s nice”, “and it’s yummy”…

You might even feel the saliva in your mouth as your strong urge to enjoy the food.

How powerful is your mind!

Some of us, we might be “cheated” by our senses, we are only focus on the color, aroma, taste, follow by thought after thought like waves, “I want to eat”,  “I want to buy the food”, “Must try”, “Must have”, and “Must go now”….

Have you ever contemplated about “where the foods come from?”

Say Roast chicken, grill fish, hamburger, sausage, lamb chop, steak…

We might be too busy and too enjoying the food, totally neglected on where is the ingredient from?

Sometimes, we might know but we just ignore, “Why should I be bothered?”

We might not even link the food with the “life of other living beings”.

The truth is an animal’s life is taken in the name of “Good food” to us.

Sometimes, when we are driving in highway, we might also see some of dead animal body being hit by running vehicle.

Do you associate the “dead Body” as food?

Do you feel like you want to eat?

What is the difference between “dead body hot by vehicle” and “the meat” you are eating?

I heard from my friends that after they watched the documentary of the process of slaughtering, immediately they go for meat free diet.

When you witness the killing process, the pain, fear, tension, stress, crying and yelling for helps, struggling, last breath from animal friends, you are going to let go your meat-eating habit as compassion and loving kindness is your true nature.

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be vegetarians.”

 By PaulMcCartney

 When we are looking at things, don’t only focus on the surface, use our rational thinking to see the truth.

Don’t be cover or mislead by your senses.

“Our own life is the instrument with which we experiment with truth.”

By Thich Nhat Hanh

Besides, a simple act of taking a vegetarian meal, you are actually saving 780 g of Carbon dioxide.

How nice if we can start even a day in a week to take vegetarian meal. Of course, the more days you are consuming vegetarian meal is most welcome.

Congratulations if you be a vegan or vegetarian!

You are saving the environment, life of animal friends and your health.

Your action is self benefit and benefit others!

Happy world environment day!





6 responses to “seeing the truth…

  1. I went through the same thing. I saw a video of a slaughterhouse and have since turned vegetarian. As a Hindu my religion asks me to respect all forms of life. I have often been told to imagine somebody taking my family away to eat them. How would that make me feel? Karma dictates that we reap what we sow. And therefore the act of eating animals often leads to health problems for the individual. Obesity and cancer have both been linked to a meat heavy diet. There are in fact so many good reasons for us to embrace vegetarianism

  2. I respect every word in this post … just to satisfy the taste buds, how can anybody ever oversee the fact what they are eating…

    Just because they don’t talk like us, or have a family bond or contribute to the economy or anything, does not mean animals are insignificant…
    anything with life is significant… everybody says their motto is Live & Let Live… surely they don’t know anything what the line means…

    Meat eaters counter argue often that even plants have life, why do vegetarians eat plants? nobody’s saying they don’t, but cutting grass is not equal to cutting an animal’s throat .

    In Hinduism, The Bhagavad Gita says about food : Even plants have life, but they are created to be eaten. … If we have to commit a sin, let it be so negligible and which pains the “victim” minimum…

    Instead of going to the butcher, if the meat eaters catch their own animal , slaughter it and drain its blood and rip its flesh on their own, only then they will know what they are cooking and roasting in spices…

    Very nice write up… Loved it.

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