Be relax, mindful and clear in your meditation. Enjoy the peace, serenity and calm!

Be relax, mindful and clear in your meditation. Enjoy the peace, serenity and calm! Photo courtesy from Bro CW.

Whenever, I shared with people to join the practice of Chan (Meditation)…

The answers I got from most of the people…

a. I can’t sit still…

b. My mind can’t be at peace..

c. My mind is full of thoughts…

d. Impossible for no thought in my mind..

e. I am busy…I have no time at all…

f.  I worry about pain in body…

What is the meaning of Chan?

The yogic practice of attaining samadhi in meditation.

How to achieve Samadhi?

By regulating one’s body, one’s breathing and one’s mind.

It’s great to spend time on Chan practice, you are going to aware on thoughts in your mind like wild monkey, jumping here and there… you are going to aware that your thoughts keep wander in the past and future… you are going to aware that you are always not at present…

Besides, you know yourself better and Chan meditation is great for our health, a great relaxation to your mind. You feel energized after a meditation session.

From my personal experience, I can’t sit still and I can’t concentrate since young. Mum shared with me that one of my tuition teacher even throw my school bag from level 1 to ground floor as a result of “I can’t sit still to listen to her teaching”. My mind was like a wild monkey or drunk elephant, keep jumping here and there.

Besides, I am very talkative and love to chit-chat.

After the practice of meditation for more than 3 years, I can see a slight improvement, I am more calm & peace, more mindful, looking inward instead of outward and finally I understood  and appreciate very much on the beauty of silence.

Not to waste so much energy in talking and doing meaningless work.

There is no short cut in the practice, we need to be diligent in daily practice. It’s similar to boiling water, we need to keep warm if not the water going to get cold.

Continue your practice, you are able to overcome the numbness and pain in your body. Besides, meditation is not limited to only sitting, it can apply in your daily life.

The advise from Master Sheng Yen in doing meditation: ” Want nothing, No dependant, No expectation.”

Be relax in your body and mind, enjoy the breathing, you are able to enjoy the peace and calm.

Buddha was asked:” What have you gain in meditation?”

He replied: “Nothing!”

However, Buddha said, Let me tell you what I lost:





Fear of old age and death.”

Talk your first step now, start your practice.











6 responses to “meditation…

  1. When I started reading.. I was going to tell you the same answers… its very difficult… however there’s hope.. maybe one day I might enjoy it….
    love it…

  2. Thanks for that share! I also have trouble keeping my body & mind still & it’s very exhausting. Reading this encouraged me to keep trying..practice i guess!

  3. Great reminders. I have heard the same list of concerns, observations (and excuses) from long-time meditators. Even with a chattering monkey mind, we can benefit from a little sitting.
    Thank you.

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