Do you love to do gardening?

Do you notice that there is effortless for the weed to grow in your garden?

The growing process of weed is faster than any crops in your garden.

When you are sowing good seeds in your garden, e.g. flowers, vegetables, fruit trees, you need to spend a lot of time to take care, give extra precaution to ensure it can grow well.

My recent experience was when I cleaned up the weed from garden; I put the weed on top of other plant. Normally, it’ll dry up and become fertilizer to give nutrient to other plant. This time, I discover that the weed still survive after many days in such a challenging environment.

This incident makes me to further contemplate on our habits; we need to take long time to cultivate good habit whereas it’s superb fast or effortless to cultivate bad habits in our life.

Moreover, we need to take a very long time to change our bad habits. Once we are not mindful or not determine, we are going to attach with bad habits again. It’s just like how fast the weed can grow.

Have you ever think how to remove weed from your garden?

By using pesticides? By removing the root of the grass? By burning? By grass cutter?

Even though, the above methods are use but the weed will grow soon or later.

You can't find any weed in   between the vegetables.. no more space!

You can’t find any weed in between the vegetables.. no more space!

The best way to stop the growing of weed is to plant your vegetables or flowers on the land, this will stop the growing of weed as it occupy the whole space.

How great to spend time with nature!

Let’s apply the same to safeguard our mind, let’s our mind be filled with good thoughts until there is no room for bad thoughts to grow.

May your good thoughts bring benefits to yourself and also all beings!
















8 responses to “weed…

  1. Sometimes the weeds are there for a good reason. The conditions are just right for them to appear. Like maybe the soil is lacking nitrogen so a nitrogen fixer moves in. Or it is too dense so plants with long tap roots move in. It is the same with weedy thoughts. They are a symptom of a problem not necessarily the problem itself.

  2. How true – weeds are persistent – one weed in my garden I have not identified but it sneakily grows under other plants and bindweekd is a nightmare

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