Look at Little Black! How blessed to sleep soundly!

Look at Little Black! How blessed to sleep soundly!

How do you define success in life?

Cash rich?

a great saving in your bank account?

to own a lot of property?

to own many luxury car?

to own a series luxury watches & jewelries?

high position and high income?

Are you going to link whatever you can measure in life as Success?

Is it all for life?

Is it the only meaning in life?

Only spend our whole life for material stuffs to satisfy our WANT?

How about those qualities that we can’t be measure in life?

Happiness, joy, calm, peace of mind, sleep soundly, freedom, relax….

Think about it….

Do you need to own a luxury bed in order to sleep well?

Are you aware that how many people are depending on sleeping pill to have a good night sleep?

How much suffering you need to endure when you can’t sleep at night?

How tired you are when you are lack of sleep?

Always ask yourself,

Why do you need so many stuffs in life?

Are you truly happy after owning so many things in your life?

Why not spend some quality time with yourself instead of just “rush & chase” for material wealth? Just sit, relax, do nothing, let your total body and mind in peace and calm.

You’ll discover that you are surrounding by the wave of happiness & joy!

You are enjoying freedom and bliss moment in life!

“Happiness is what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”

By Mahatma Gandhi


6 responses to “Success?

  1. When on a holiday I went to a park a cat came up and owned my Then she jumped up and nestled in my lap and purred as I cuddled her. She did not scramble away as most cats do. I wished to take her home a rare loving cat probably a friend from a previous lifetime. Then I saw her collar and knew she belonged to someone real lucky. I cannot forget her love though.

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