Human nature is compassionate…

Do you spend time with nature?

Do you get to see and play with chicken, duck, goose, turkey, sheep, cat, dog or even a small insects?

One of my friend, she got a chance to spend time and play with a lovely duck. She love to eat roast duck, however after spend time with the lovely duck friends, she just realized how lovely, alive and cute was the duck.

She decided not to eat duck meat for a month.

This is a great example that everybody is full of  loving-kindness and compassion. Only we are not discover our inner beauty.

Sometimes, we are trying our best to share with people not to eat or reduce meat as animals need to give their life to us. We are actually eating their dead body. Moreover, we can survive well through vegetarian diet. Some of might not understand, some might understand but refuse to take action, the best way is to get close & in touch with our animal friends. Look at their eyes, they are no difference from us, they want love, care and security. Even though, we are using different language, however we can understand each others.

Think about it, when you meet strangers in other countries, you don’t even need language and you can understand each others.

Let’s take a walk in nature, you can meet up a lot of animal friends, spend some time, just observe them, you can see how lively, adorable they are. You don’t even have any thought to harm but give love and protect them.

The eyes full of curiosity..

Is he staring at you? The eyes full of curiosity..

How adorable is the little grasshopper!

How adorable is the little grasshopper! Do you want to harm him?

“Human nature is compassionate, is affectionate.”

By Tenzin Gyatso




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