Wesak day, candle-light procession

Every year, Sis & I will join the Wesak light procession.

We can enjoy the beauty of each float, how much effort and time that the devotees are taken to beautify and decorate the float.

This year the route was shortening, only 9 km. However, when we shared and invite others to join the walk, some said, “Wow! 9km is quite a distance.”, “I can’t walk so far away.”, “My body can’t stand”…

Let’s contemplate, in 2,500 years ago, our great teacher, Buddha, he travelled around the Gangetic Plain, for 49 years, just by walking and share his teaching, to show us the path of liberation and enlightenment.

What is the 9km walk as compared to the footstep of Buddha?

Besides, during the walk, we saw a lot of touching moment and inspiration people, the blind people lead by others, the son brought his elderly mum in wheel chair, the parent brought their younger children,the elderly people, the lovely doggie, they can walk so well, why can’t we?

I remember one of my friends shared that, during the 3 steps 1 bow, he wanted so much to give up as too tired; however, when he looked back, an elder lady with help of walker, she also did her best to finish the journey. He knew there is no reason for him to give up, with the inspirational role model, he was able to accomplish his journey.

Always remember that you and me can be the inspirational model to encourage people to understand the teaching of Buddha.

Check out the beautiful floats…




Let's us continue to purify ourselves, learn from the lotus flower, stand out from the mud.

Let’s us continue to purify ourselves, learn from the lotus flower, stand out from the mud.

All floats in the light procession were from different section of Buddhism, it make me to further contemplate that water will flow from drainage, stream, river, no matter big or small, the end destiny will reach to the ocean, then all water will taste the same, the salty.

It’s so similar to all teaching, even though its different method, the main aim is to attain enlightenment and relieve from suffering. Many methods to suit all needs from all beings.

Be diligent in your path and may you be attained enlightenment quickly for the benefit of all beings!




4 responses to “Wesak day, candle-light procession

  1. Yes, “all water will taste the same,” no matter its path on the way to the ocean. Absolutely beautiful post in every way. Thank you.

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