Happy Wesak Day!

We are so happy for Little Black, today is the last day for him to take the fungal medicine after 5 months of treatment.

We are glad to see he is able to make it, to survive from the disease, how strong is his determination in the recovery process and look at him now…

Little Black look so healthy and alert. He was with his lovely brother, Little White, who save and brought him home.

Little Black look so healthy and alert. He was with his lovely brother, Little White, who save and brought him home. Little White give his unconditional love and care to his little brother. We are touch to see how close is their brotherhood even though they don’t have blood relationship.

When we are sick, we can consult doctor and get right medicine to heal ourself. Sometimes, we can use our inner healing system to get full recovery.

However, when your mind are full of defilements, full of negative thoughts, battling with emotional turmoil, how do you get over it?

When you are in anger, stress, greed, fear, worry, tension, ego, arrogance, pride, hatred, judgmental,  hopeless, doubt, revenge, ignorant, cruelty,jealous, depressed, frustrated, sad, …. How should you do?

Think about it, when you are in anger, can you consult a medical doctor to remove or take away your anger?

“All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain?”

By Buddha

The Buddha is also known as the peerless physician, the supreme surgeon. He indeed, is an unrivalled healer. Let’s use pure and wondrous Dharma as the perfect medication for an ailing mind. Let’s us use the Dharma water to cleanse ourself,  be diligent in the practice, when our mind is cleanse from all defilements, we are a person with a new mind. Let’s us bring happiness and relieve suffering from our surrounding.

Always remember that you are the Master of your life and destiny!

“The Buddha does not wash away negativities with water; Nor does he clear away suffering with his hands; Nor can he transfer his own qualities to us; He shows the true path; by that alone are beings liberated.”

By Buddha

May you be diligent in your practice and follow the path of enlightenment,  may you quickly attain your enlightenment for the benefit of all beings.

Happy Wesak day!






10 responses to “Happy Wesak Day!

  1. Little Black looks so content and rather regal as Little White stands ever in attendance and so appropriate for Wesak Day. Thank you for such a lovely start to my day. Metta.

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