3 steps 1 bow

"Be a lamp unto yourself. Workout your liberation with diligence. "By Buddha

“Be a lamp unto yourself. Workout your liberation with diligence. “By Buddha

This morning, we woke up early in the morning to do the 3 steps 1 bow in conjunction of the coming Wesak day.

It was the 3rd year, we’ve joined the 3 steps 1 bow. When the 1st time I participated , it was so challenging, tiring, and my mind was full of thoughts, “How long was the journey?”, “How fast can we finished?”, “Why my body was so painful?”, “I hope to finish fast as my body can’t stand….”, Thoughts after thoughts were on “escape from the pain”…

However, This time, My mind was so peaceful and calm, I followed the recite of the name of “Shakyamuni Buddha”, whenever I touched my forehead to the ground, I am truly gratitude for Buddha teaching, shown us the path of enlightenment and this also lessen ego, arrogance and pride.

I am using the method of walking meditation, Body and mind a line, I am mindful on every steps, be at now and here.  I am aware the thought arisen, chop it before it create story….

“Walk as if you are kissing the Earth with your feet.”

By Thich Nhat Hanh

In this method, I don’t feel the burden of the body and time passed so fast without realization that we’ve accomplished the 3 steps 1 bow.

All this happen is due to the daily practice, to put the teaching into practice, you can have insight understanding. So start practicing!

During the journey, I observed an old lady about 70 years, she did her best to do the 3 steps 1 bow, even though she was a bit slow but she can accomplished throughout the journey with strong determination and faith. I am touched with her spirit.

Without strong faith and determination, it was a big challenge to accomplish as I saw a teenager, who gave up in the middle of the journey.

One of the important thing, to be silence in the total journey!

Enjoy and experience the blissful moment in life!

Let’s try! It’s a great way to purify your body, mind and speech!

Today is the mother’s day. Sis & I would like to transfer the merit to our mother and all mothers in the world.

May all mothers be Well and Happy!








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