Unconditional love…

Everyday is mother's day!

Everyday is mother’s day!

We enjoyed to have breakfast with our parent during off day. It’s the best and warmth moment in life.

Mum mentioned that she love and enjoy cooking breakfast to us, she put all her unconditional love through her cooking.

What is more important than spend time with our lovely parent! Do something which can cheer up their life!

Some of us, we might spend a lot of time to be volunteer to serve and help others, we might even to do anything to make others happy…Even though, sometimes being scolded by others, we are happily to accept.

However, we might neglect our lovely parent, we might even hardly to spend time to talk to them, to care about them, to love them, even forget to make them happy…Think about it, if our parent scolded us, we might be anger.

Don’t neglect your parent no matter how busy you are! Always remember that without them, you are not existence in this life!

I am very grateful for my lovely mum, she shared her unconditional love, her sacrifice to bring us up and shown us her kind virtues in life.

We are not from a wealthy family and mum doesn’t even have chance to study, she never enroll to any school and receive proper education. However, since young, she shared with sister and I that “The best gift, she can give to both of us was “Education”, the only way we can transform ourself through education and change our destiny in life.” She hope we can be a good person and live a virtues life.

Lately, she talked to my cousin that, ” I always shared with my children that to be contented and be grateful in life. Life is so short, there is meaningless to carry a lot of burden on our shoulder until we can’t breathe, there is nothing we can bring to graveyard, Say you own so much property in life, can you bring along during your death-bed? Why not to have a relaxing life! Live happily!”

Besides, she is always offer her helping hand whenever people need it…lately, she shown her unconditional love to take care Little Black, the little kitten who need medical aid for more than 5 months.

I am gratitude to have such a wise, loving and kind virtues mother.

The best thing I can offer to my mother, be a good person to follow precepts and share kind virtues with others. Shine our unconditional and selfless love to others!

Let’s love and treat our mother as every day is mother’s day!

May all mothers be Happy and Well!

May you share your unconditional love like mother to son to all beings!














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