Recently, I am so surprise to discover that the growth of hairy melon in two of the pot.

I sow the seed at the end of last September, it was quite some month ago. Initially, I thought nothing happen, the hairy melon seeds were unable to make it.

It might due to the cause and condition not right, so it can’t grow.

However, when the time is right, all cause and conditions ripen, it growth up even after 8 months.

The healthy hairy melon...

The healthy hairy melon…

This little plant deepen my understanding on the cause and effect.

We must be mindful on our body, speech and mind in any moment of our life, even though, sometimes we might not able to experience the effect immediately. However, the effect will be ripen one day when all cause and conditions are right.

Some of us, we love to ask a popular question on cause and effect,

“When people are doing good deeds now, why his/her destiny is full of challenges, why can’t they enjoy good merits?

When people are doing bad deeds now, why his/her destiny are so smooth? All good things just happen for them. Why not fair?, Where is the cause and effect?”

Have you ever watch a drama? Imagine, if you only watch the drama from the middle and you miss the introductory?

Do you think you can understand the drama properly?

How about if you immediately jump to watch the part 2 of the movie?

You might also not sure what is happening to all characters in the movie.

“If you want to know the past, to know what has caused you, look at yourself in the present, for that is the past’s effect. If you want to know your future, then look at yourself in the present, for that is the cause of the future.”

By Buddha

As such, live your life with wholesome thoughts, do good deeds, offer your unconditional love to all beings, follow precepts, continuously to purify yourself with Dharma water, not to give any chance to create bad cause as you need to bear the consequences once the cause and conditions are ripen.

When you are mindful in your body, speech and mind, you are actually giving the best gift to yourself and also freedom to others as you are not going to harm or bring suffering to any beings.

Liberate yourself now, instead of only focus on liberation after death.

May you enjoy the freedom of your life now!









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