Light up…

May your inner light, light up the darkness!

May your inner light, light up the darkness!

When people ask for your help, are you willing to stretch your helping hand?

Sometimes, when we are talking about help, immediately cash donation will appeared in our mind, we might forget that we can perform a lot of services to others beside cash donation.

A simple smile and a simple greetings, also consider as a good start to cheer up people’s life especially in the morning.

A soft and motivation speech especially useful to those people who are facing great challenges in life.

A compliment words and acknowledgement will motivate people to further excel in their studies or career.

A good and positive writing will awaken people’s heart, it acts as a gentle reminder  to do kind virtue, wholesome action and be compassion to the surrounding.

A good blessing from your heart when you are reading some misfortune news also consider as a service to others.

Offering foods to the hunger animal friends, helping and rescue the life of animal friends, offering medical aid to animal friends… all this also consider as helping hand to beings.

Are you thinking of return or any expectation when you are helping others?

The most important, ask for nothing, be gratitude for the great opportunities to help. Always remember that you are blessed as you can help others.

Today, my friend shared a story with me that, “one of his friend, every morning, he went to hawker centre  had his breakfast before he start his day of work. He saw an old man, dressed in old clothes, not doing well,alone and having breakfast. He felt so compassion to the elderly man. He paid his breakfast for more than 2 weeks. He felt extremely happy for doing this action.

One day, the elderly man came to him and offer a great job opportunity to him. Apparently, the elderly man was a rich people.

He never think of return and his offering is based on sincere and pure heart.

Your pure heart and your positive energy can be easily sense by the environment surrounding.

“The good are never alone, and the kindhearted are the merriest. Those who help others and so benefit themselves are the happiest.” By Master Sheng Yen

May your mind full of kind and wholesome thoughts!

May you light up your inner light and shine to your surrounding!









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