Its best for you to witness from sunrise instead just learning from book.

Its best for you to witness from sunrise instead just learning from book. Photo courtesy from sis Li Yi

If somebody share with you, how yummy is the Chocolate cake?

He/ she might spend a long time to explain on the taste?

Do you think you are able to imagine? Do you think this explanation can bring impact to your life?

For example, if you are drinking a glass of hot water, no matter how hard you are trying to explain, others might not get the actual temperature of the hot water?

Unless, others try to drink, then they can understand better.

Say, we want to travel to some place, a new country, no matter how much effort we put to explain and how much imagination other used, they still can have a strong image on how this place look like as compare to we travel to the place.

Most of us, we can understand well on all this simple logic of daily life. When come to spiritual practice, we might not able to apply.

You need to get a chance to learn, to understand and most important to experience and walk the path.

Recently, I was busy with my work. I experienced non stop phone call, keep asking and requesting for assistance, I did my best to fulfill each of the requirement within my capacity.

I also observed closely on the thought appeared in my mind, sometimes when I am facing some “unreasonable request”, even though I’ll do my best to solve it but some negative thoughts appeared in my mind, “Why?”, “Why can’t people be responsible?”, “Why can’t people think about others?”….

All this experience make me to think of the Thousand hand Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, the Bodhisattva vow to help all beings, and relieving their suffering. While helping others, the bodhisattva mind is in “Samadhi” , “Mental Concentration”, not being effect by external environment.

How about my mind?

When I look inward, thought after thought, all this thought like a chain and start to create story, high possibilities to trigger emotional turmoil. I let go all thoughts before too late.  It make me to learn its so important to sustain our mind in “Samadhi” irrelevant how busy we are, how much work we need to cover, how much thing we need to solve, how much happiness we are bringing to others.

Our body can be tired but our mind must sustain in “peace, calm, clear and serenity.” It can deter is from doing unwholesome action.

Be mindful on the thought which appeared, cut it off before it bring emotional turmoil to your life!

The best way to understand Dharma is to walk your path with the teaching.

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.”

By Buddha








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