The learning from home grown chili…

I love to spend time to do gardening, it’s a great moment to practice mindfulness and silence, you can keep your mind in calm & peace.

As such, you can observe all plant, from birth, growing, blossom, dying…

Recently, there are blossom of Chilies in our garden, we planted many types of chilies, all also blossom so well. From many types of chilies, we can learn that there are the many type of people in this world, there are many type of character, there are many type of living beings, there are also many type of spiritual practice method. As such, we need to accept as totality.

We are truly happy when we see the lovely chilies. So beautiful!

We are truly happy when we see the lovely chilies. So beautiful!

If you notice, why there are only green chilies, where are the red chilies?

As we are using organic planting method, no chemical fertilizer and also pesticide being used, as such, when the ripening process of chili, it’ll spoil and might have worm inside the chilies. As such, if we want to enjoy chili, we must pluck before its ripe.

It reminded us, when you are enjoying ripen red chili, the farmer might need to put a lot of pesticides to avoid the spoil chili and also the chances of being attack by worm.

Imagine if we are taking pesticides from plant daily, this is equivalent of consuming or injecting “poison”  to our body gradually. What is the long-term impact to your body? Initially, your body will do its best to sustain your good health. In a long run, it might not be possible.

A simple method, do you use water purifier? Why do you use water purifier? To have clean water to consume. When the source of water is clean, your filter can last for longer. If the source of water is full of dirt, rusted, how long can your filter last? This is the same on how you treat your body.

Sometimes, when people get sick, they’ll start to blame the surrounding, the world, however, we are responsible for what we eat, think about your habit before you start to blame.

Always remember that You are the one who feed your body, you’ve many choices in life, why must you pick something no good for your body?

Without good health, there is very hard to walk the spiritual path. Our journey will be full of obstacles.

Majority of us will put focus to satisfy our sensual pleasure, we might spend a lot of time and money to take care of our face, put up make up, nail color, nice clothes, nice shoes, beautiful hairstyle as we can see, others can see too…

However, we might neglect the health of our inner body and also our mind, as we and other people  can’t see our organ and mind.

Why not make a change, to care for your inner beauty, sustain great health for your body and mind. Your inner beauty will shine to your surrounding, this is the best anti aging remedy!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

By Buddha











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