Use water to cleanse our body and let's use Dharma water to cleanse our mind!

Use water to cleanse our body and also use Dharma water to cleanse our mind!

Do you  love to do cooking?

Before you cook, do you clean up for utensils?

Do you wash your vegetables?

Do you wash your raw materials before cooking?

If your cloth is full of dirt, what should you do? You’ll clean it, right?

If your glass is dirty and you want to drink water? Are you going to clean it?

If your plate is dirty, and you want to serve dish? Do you clean it?

Do you take a bath daily? Why do you take a bath? To clean up your body, right?

The answer is so simple, most of we know how to take care of our daily life, we know how to maintain hygiene, we know the best to use water to clean up dirty stuffs/ dirt.

Have you ever imagine how about your mind?

Have you ever “Cleanse” all your “dirt” in your mind  and all the unwholesome action you took in the past?

Without self purification, it’s so challenging for us to understand the Buddha Teaching or follow the spiritual path.

Imagine if a glass full of dirt, even you pour clean water, you can’ drink too as polluted by the dirt.

I’ve joined the 2 days, ” Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance”, it was a great way to repentance for  all wrongdoing, all unwholesome action and make a vow that ” I am not going to repeat my wrong doing.” It make me to be more mindful on my action, ” Not to cause harm and suffering” to others. As long as we are aware the arisen of the unwholesome action, we are able to stop it.

Let’s use the Dharma Water to cleanse our mind. Let’s not repeat the past wrongdoing and start anew to do something which benefit to all beings!

We can’t change the past, however we can change “NOW”, be mindful and aware on all your action, bring happiness and joy to your surrounding!





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