May all your action bring happiness to people!

May all your action bring happiness to people! Photo by sis Li Yi.

Do you  meet deadline?

In your daily working life, how do you treat deadline?

Are you compliance to it?

Are you complain about it?

Have you ever think that

“Why other people want to torture me to follow deadline?”

” I am so busy! Why should I bother?”

“If I can’t follow deadline, nothing happen to me…, I do when I free.”

“If you force me to follow, I’ll submit but I can’t ensure quality work…”

Have you notice that we love to think from our point of view, at our own convenience, “I”, “Me”, “Mine”…..

What about think from others angle?

“If I miss the deadline, am I bringing happiness or suffering to other people?”

“Can he or she able to complete his or her task?”

“Am I causing others being scolded?”

“Am I causing the delay of the report?”

Imagine if you need to compile the report from various party, even one people delaying in submitting the report, you are also not able to accomplish your job.

Are you happy? Think about it!

In future, please respect deadline and submit on time. Remember your life purpose is to bring happiness to people, not to cause suffering or stress to people.

“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”

By Dalai Lama


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