enjoying every minute of life…

In life, A lot things happen beyond our control, beyond our expectation, how do you face it?

Are you willing to accept it with open heart?

Are you rejecting it?

Are you enjoying the process?

When I was in Taiwan, I also took an opportunity to visit Buddha memorial Centre in Kao Shiong.

Sis & I took a day trip, we got a taxi to get to the destination.

Our aim was to visit the Buddha Memorial Centre, we thought Buddha Memorial Centre is inside Fo Guang San.  It’s such a big monastery, we saw staircase after staircase, my body was in pain after more than 500 times of prostrations during receiving Bodhisattva precepts. However, We must keep walking in order to get to Buddha Memorial Centre, and pay respect to Buddha tooth relic.

During the journey, We were surprise that not many people visiting the monastery. We just enjoying our visit and asked around how to get to Buddha Memorial Centre. We just followed the direction and kept walking under a hot sun. Only Sis and I walked through the connecting path between Fo Guang San & Buddha Memorial Centre, to our surprise, we saw Chinese New Year set-up. It was so beautiful!

How nice!

Serenity and peace!

Beautiful Lantern display...

Beautiful Lantern display…

The year of horse...

The year of horse…

Finally, we arrived in the Buddha Memorial Centre. Look at it…..All our effort throughout the journey was worth it…

Buddha Memorial Centre, it's magnificent!

It’s magnificent!The Chinese style pagoda symbolize Noble eightfold path,  Four stupas symbolize Four Noble Truths.

We spent half a day in the Buddha Memorial Centre, it was an amazing journey!

We spent half a day in the Buddha Memorial Centre, it was an amazing journey! We are very much gratitude for all people who contribute in building such a magnificent site for us to learn and understand Buddha’s teaching.

Only at end of the journey, we found out that we follow the wrong direction to get to Buddha Memorial Centre. If we turn right, we can walk straight to the Buddha Memorial Centre but we are going to miss the chance to visit to Fo Guang Shan.

We are glad that we keep our mind positively and enjoy the journey!

Follow the flow of life, you are going to discover the beauty of life!

“I promise myself that I will enjoy every minute of the day that is given me to live.”

By Thich Nhat Hanh













5 responses to “enjoying every minute of life…

  1. Thich Nhat Hanh is a very wise man. He gets on my nerves sometimes though :-). I want to ask him, how do you keep your cool when your blood sugar is low and that last candy bar gets stuck in the vending machine, huh, answer me that?
    Just kidding. Wonderful images and words. Thank you.

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