good relationship…

May all beings be well and happy!

May all beings be well and happy!

Can you easily start a conversation with others?

Can you easily break the ice?

Can you easily make new friends?

How do you build good relationship with others?

Some of us, we might find that it’s so challenging to give our kindness to others, we might think it’s too complicated, however, we can start from our simple action.

Why not, just give a smile whenever you see others?

Why not, hold the lift to allow others to in or out from the life?

Why not, give way during your driving?

Why not, give compliment when people deserved it?

Why not, give shoulder to cry on when people are sad?

Why not, give encouragement when people are facing emotional turmoil?

Why not, give a helping hand when people need it? It might be from small action like serve a glass of water when people is thirsty, serve a meal when people is in hunger…..

Why not, a simple greeting like “Good Morning”, “Good day”, to cheer up people life?

Why not, send a simple note to people, wish them “Have a nice day”, “Have a great week ahead!”.

Why not, give your best blessing when you read negative news, e.g. accident, natural disasters and others?For those person you don’t know, you can also give your best blessings. This morning, I joined the mass prayers for MH370.

Beside, we can also start to give donation to help people, to sow a good cause for good relationship.

For example, when we give donation on vegetarian meal offering, even though our donation is small as compared to the overall fund, but we are able to benefit others too, to build good cause with all beings. From my personal experience, during the receiving of Bodhisattva precepts, I am touched with every meal provided as this was the contribution from others.

We can also build a good cause with our animal friends. Imagine, if you are a vegetarian, how many life you are actually saving? Even though you are not a vegetarian, why not try to reduce meat-eating? To build good cause with our animal friends. Besides, whenever you meet up with animal friends, say a bee, grasshopper, butterfly, bird, cat, dog, fish,dragonfly, even a cockroach, an ant, you can also wish them ” well and happy, relieve from suffering and attain Buddhahood.”, “Help them to refuge to Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.” It’s simple yet beneficial.

You can start from today, once you wake up, open your eyes and start your best blessing to all beings and yourself, “May I and all beings be well and happy!”! A great way to generate positive energy and also show your loving kindness to all beings.A simple way to cultivate good cause!












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