Little black, little stone…

Every morning, Little Black is following me when I do yoga & breathing exercise and meditation.

He know how to entertain and play with himself. He is so much behave, seldom disturb.

He might jump out from window and walk on the roof, play for a while, then he know how to come back.

This morning, he was so adventurous and  jump down from the roof, and went for a walk.

I am unaware he was out until I heard mum shouted, ” Little white! Little black, ….”

Immediately, I ran out to check what was happened, apparently the Black cat attacked Little black again.

The black cat bullied the little kitten again in less than 12 hours….Unbelievable!

I took torch-light out and search for Little black, however, mission failed.

When I got home, I saw him sat in the living hall in fear and stress, he has lost his collar  and he was in shock condition again.

We do our best to comfort him….

Mum shared with me once I got home after work that, “Little black slept from morning until 5pm…, he still look in fear, he didn’t dare to get out from home….”

Even until now, Little black still look like “stone”….

Look at Little black… How sad!

Look at Little black… How sad he is…

From this incident, we learn that we must be mindful on our body, speech and action, not to cause any harm or suffering to others. 

“My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground on which I stand.”

by ThichNhatHanh

Be compassion and loving kindness whenever, wherever we are, remember that our objectives are to bring happiness, joy and smiling faces instead of sad faces.








11 responses to “Little black, little stone…

    • Hi! We try to keep him as indoor, however he love to follow Little White, his elder brother out to explore the outside world. Cheers!

  1. My parents do not let us go out of the house unless they have us on a leash. There are too many dangers. I hope Little Black gets better soon. Sizi

  2. It sounds like the older kitty is telling new kitty he is the boss. My cats fight too, but it’s a good idea to play referee to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Keeping kitties indoors is better. There is too much trouble they an get into outside.

    Have you read this quote? “I have lived with several Zen masters — all of them cats” Eckhart Tolle

  3. I think the Black cat is only afraid that one day little Black will become stronger than him so he tries to intimidate the kitty. But when little Black will grow, thanks to the help and example of little White, he will not fear Black cat anymore.
    Even though little Black is now distressed because of these attacks, I think he should be allowed outdoor if he feels like it. But keep an eye on him when he’s out. 😉

    • Thanks! Little Black is back to normal.. He is only out from house when accompany by his elder brother, Little White. Cheers!

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