Are you wearing Mask?

Facing yourself honestly in life… just be yourself whenever you are, you don't need to put your mask on…How relaxing!

Facing yourself honestly in life… just be yourself whenever, wherever, you are, you don’t need to put your mask on…What a relaxing life! You can breath freely!

Some  of us, we are living under a mask.

Some might aware, some might even forget they are actually living in mask as they are get use to their “acting”..

Whatever we are doing, saying might not the same of what we are thinking.

Do you think they are enjoying their life?

Do you think they can enjoy peace of life when they are going through the contradicting life style?

Do you think they enjoy freedom when the mind is alway trap in”acting”?

Do you think they can smile freely and happily?

People might say that “I follow the spiritual practice, I am willing to let go instead of to gain more fame, more wealth, more power….”

However, when you observe their action, it’s totally different,”Whatever they do, they are very much focus on personal interest, they want to get reward, recognition, power and credit.”

Is this happiness or suffering?

Is it what we want when we are on the path?

Most of us, we might recite daily that we want to reduce our greed, hatred and ignorant.

However, once we see good or yummy food on the table… How do you react?

Are you eating bite after bite? Are you eagerly to take food while you are chewing, your eyes keep looking for other food?

Is this “greed”?

Some of the people, in order to gain benefit or power, they are always wearing “mask”,  they might even say something against their believe or principles.

Is this called happiness?

Remove your mask, enjoy freedom and be happy in any moment of life!

Nothing is more important than be honest to yourself!

Align your action with your thinking!

Feel the lightness in your body and mind!

You can definitely sleep well!


2 responses to “Are you wearing Mask?

  1. It’s a fine line between “wearing a mask” and using manners, which often involves social white lies. I agree with you that wearing a mask is not ideal, and I try to be myself all the time, and yet, I use manners. Our cultures teach us to behave in a certain way and to say certain things at certain times.

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